Your Business Shouldn’t Just BE On Page One –
You Should Own It


There are benefits to being towards the top of the search engines, but what if your business had such a dominant presence online that it were impossible to miss? That’s what the founders of Own Your Page Marketing – an Austin based SEO company, believe should be the goal, and what we’ll aim to achieve when you hire us.

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Why Just Be On Page One When You Can Own It?

Imagine how much new business you’d receive if your website not only ranked towards the top of the search engines, but had a dominant presence appearing 2, 3, or over 4 times for all Austin based terms.


Here at OYP, we don’t believe you should settle for page one or two in the search engines. We don’t even think you should settle for position #1 or #2. We want to work with local business owners that want to dominate the front page of the internet for their industry, appearing 2, 3, or 4+ times for keywords in Austin, Texas.

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“So… You Do Search Engine Optimization?”

SEO [/,esiːˈəʊ/]: The practice of optimizing a website so that it appears towards the top of search engines for a given search term.


We’re not just an SEO company. Although it’s part of what we do, our approach to your internet presence is significantly more holistic than simply getting your website ranked towards the top of the search engines. Would you rather have one piece of real estate on page one, or several? That’s the difference between other Austin SEO agencies and us.

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Own Your Page vs. Competitors



What Our Clients Can Expect:



Soar Past Your Competitors

Do you have local competitors that are getting more business from the internet than you are? Within months of hiring us many of their leads will be YOUR clients.


We’ll Put You On the Map – Literally!

Ever searched for a service in your area and wondered how the business got a spot on the map? That’s one of our specialties, and something we can achieve for most local businesses.


More Website Visitors Means More Leads

Imagine a potential client searching the internet for the services you offer, then seeing your business all over page one. How many leads would flood into your inbox?


Grow Your Local Business

Internet marketing is one of the most profitable forms of marketing, and within months most of our clients are earning several times more than what they’re paying us.

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“It’s YOUR page – We Can Help You Own It”